Pre-Vocational Services

Do you know someone who is just not making it right now in their vocational program or community employment? Do their skills and attitude prevent them from being successful? Just People, Inc. can assist. Milestones Pre-Vocational Program is now open.

This program will be aimed at preparing an individual for paid employment through Skill Building. Developing soft skills such as: getting along with others, paying attention, motor skills, following directions, attendance, responsibility, problem-solving, personal care, attitude, and appropriate behavior, etc. “Small Steps, Big Smiles”.

Individuals must have Support Coordination services through their city, and have an Intellectual Disability Waiver or IFDDS Waiver.

Respite Services

are specifically designed to provide temporary, substitute care for that which is normally provided by the family or other unpaid, primary caregiver of an individual. These services are provided on a short-term basis because of the emergency absence or need for routine or periodic relief of the primary caregiver. They are provided in an individual’s home, other community residence or in other community sites. 

Residential Support Services

consists of training and assistance or specialized supervision, provided primarily in a licensed or approved residence considered to be his or her home, to enable the individual to acquire, improve, or maintain his or her health status, to develop skills in activities of daily living and safety in the use of community resources and adapting his or her behavior to community and home environments. 

Day Support Services

include training, assistance or specialized supervision for the acquisition, retention or improvement in self-help, socialization and adaptive skills. It allows peer interactions and an opportunity for community and social integration. Specialized supervision provides staff presence of on-going or intermittent intervention to ensure an individual’s health and safety. These services typically take place in non-residential settings, separate from the home or facility in which the individual resides. Services shall focus on enabling the individual to attain or maintain his or her maximum functional level and shall be coordinated with any physical, occupational, or speech/language therapies listed in the CSP. In addition, day support services shall normally be furnished 1 or more hours per day on a regularly scheduled basis for 1 or more days per week.